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Veronica Mars Challenge

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Welcome to challenge_vm!
Every two weeks an episode will be given for members to make graphics (icons, banners, headers, whatever you want! {: ). We're going to start when we get 10 members added and, from this, we're going to post about the first episode.

Meet the mods!:
- Kari Lola littlekari
- Astromenegilda / Sayô astromenegilda
We are both brazilian so, if our english is not that good, don't feel shame to correct us! :) We love Veronica Mars! We talk about it 250% of our time, hahaha.

Meet the rules:
1) All the graphics must be relative with the episode. You can't use images of another episode or promo ones.
2) This is not a constest community. No award, no votes - just the mods favs. The objetive is: have fun!
3) Comment is HUGE love! Even if you don't take any of these graphics, you could comment what do you think about them. It doesn't hurt.
4)You can make all types of graphics: wallpapers, banners, icons, vids, headers... but it must be about the episode.
5) If you want to use some, credit please and do no steal. It's a bad example for our childs. xD
6) When you already made the icons/wallpaper/whatever, you can post all 'em here in the community or in your journal, but you MUST post here with 3 examples and the link to your journal entry, using a lj-cut to post the rest. Indicate in your link that we're going to your journal, and if it's friends-only, this must also be indicated in the link.
7) You must indicate that you're posting graphics to our challenge.
"20 Veronica Mars icons (for challenge_vm)"
Wherever you post, please, put this! Is the best ad ever! :)
8) Please, upload the icons in your opwn server - hotlink is a mortal sin in the icon makers world! You can host your images at sites like imageshack.us or photobucket.com.
9) Put in the "Subject" the name of the episode and tag it like this: "1x01" if you post the icons in the community.
10) Any questions? Read our FAQ or send us an email! karina.caitlin [at] gmail.com or blackwingedneko [at] gmail.com

- vmars_stills

- Rules inspired by lost_challenge
- Layout by reversescollide
- Header by astromenegilda
- Info-Banner by littlekari
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